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Important Social Marketing Lessons From the JCB Digging Phenomenon in India


Post, or update receives is insignificant, and what really matters is quality. Almost certainly, quality matters and anyone not posting quality substance online is going to struggle to pick up footing.


However, that doesn't mean you can stand to disregard numbers totally. Just look at how '#JCB ki khudai'- Hindi for #JCB Digging-has become a total sensation on Instagram and other social platforms. 


What's #JCB All About? 


It so happened that a social media user featured how videos of JCB machines uncovering earth has gotten numerous million views on YouTube and other video sharing sites. There unquestionably is something soothing about viewing a monster JCB machine demolish a structure, uncover a street, or perform other hard core tasks in a jiffy. 


In any case, 5,000,000 views for such videos? Do individuals really have so a lot of time on their hands? What's more, this is actually what prompted a series of memes, interesting videos, and other substance on social media platforms. 


Gaining from the Viral Sensation 


So, what can your YouTube record or Instagram page gain from this ongoing viral sensation? Firstly, numbers matter. It might be cool to say number of views or expansion to the likes on your page don't make a difference, however the genuine truth is numbers do make a difference. 


Do you really think each and every watcher of the JCB videos watched them for amusement? After the first million, viewers most likely tapped on the videos just to discover the reason behind the million views. 


So, just like the saying about kindness conceiving more kindness, social media views and likes begets an ever increasing number of views and likes, and that is the genuine truth. 


Further, it is essential to take note of that no one, not by any means a single watcher of these videos, made a fuss over the source of these views. Is it accurate to say that they are genuine? Is it accurate to say that they were a result of a 'purchase YouTube views' bundle? No one knew and no one really minded. 


Individuals just took a gander at the numbers and the views continued coming. There's no uncertainty that some of these videos are really interesting. However, one must ask whether these videos really deserve a greater number of views than the number of inhabitants in excess of a hundred countries on the planet.