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Is The Office Junior Looking After Your Social Media?

Usually those tha

are and I am speaking broadly here that many 50+ year olds don't understand how social media functions adequately enough to get leads. 


Without knowing all that much about social media themselves and seeing the workplace junior on their telephone all the time they figure she should realize how to utilize social media herself so they think to give the business social media to run ads and get new business. 


This is a big and costly mistake let me tell you what happened. 


Obviously it is so off-base on many levels as there is no questioning that the young lady realizes that how will generally be social however she doesn't have a clue how to drive traffic (leads) and then to have the option to change over the leads to sales. 


I saw this firsthand a day or two ago when visiting a property as a customer I didn't go in there pondering work I was taking a break and was hoping to have "ME" time. Being the outgoing person that I am I started to talk to the proprietor where she mentioned to me what kind of things she was doing on social media and I asked to see the business Facebook page. 


Similarly as I had suspected, the page looked like flashing neon lights walking down the main road of Las Vegas you nearly expected to wear sunglasses the glare of those banners was so splendid! 


Also noticed that clearly I was by all account not the only one that believed that way as there were just mainly 3 view and no comments. 


I couldn't help myself I rummaged through my hand bag to grab for my telephone which it always somehow makes it to the base of the bag! I at that point exclaimed that I was a social media master and I was going to show them the intensity of running doing social media appropriately. 


Obviously I asked on the off chance that they were alright me shooting the video and they were anxious and they required not to be as I was basically going to chat to the entrepreneur about her business something she would already be comfortable with. The meeting was fun and informative and I had the manager and the specialist relaxed as I drew more information out of them what the business was about. 


We had fun and so did the individuals who were watching and commenting. Overall I have 3,000 perspectives 30 comments and a huge amount of asks about coming in and the last time I addressed her she had one of the biggest week she had on social media. 


The moral of the story is get professionals to run your campaigns to get you sales otherwise you waste a great deal of time and most importantly cash. 


On the off chance that you have a business that necessities leads (and who doesn't) contact me through my site KKC Media Gathering