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Measuring the Results of Your Direct Mail Campaign

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You have settled on the perfect plan for you mail piece and you're presently ready to go. But wait, how are you going to track your direct mail 


It's always been thought that measuring the reaction rate of a direct mail campaign was near unthinkable. With telemarketing you get an almost immediate reaction, with the prospect on the other stopping point. With email marketing, you get detailed reports measuring open rates and navigate rates. Anyway with direct mail you don't always know whether your mail piece was effective in pointing prospective clients in your direction. Your direct mail campaign needs a definitive Call to Action to help measure the accomplishment of your next Direct Mail campaign. 


Here are a couple of Call to Actions that can help measure your prosperity: 


Personalized Promo Codes 


Make sure each mail piece is printed with a personalized promotional code or unique offer identifiers. The codes ought to be personalized to specifically targeted gatherings of recipients, for example, those living within a radius of each location or targeted recipients based on sexual orientation or age. On the off chance that your campaign promotes a product that the customer needs to purchase in-store, the customer presents their personalized code at the point of purchase. On the off chance that you campaign allows customers to telephone in to learn more, make sure they quote their unique promotional code. This allows you to realize who walked in or called in and when. It can also provide information on the off chance that they bought, what they purchased and at which location it was purchased. 


This gives you valuable insight into whether the campaign was influential in contributing to interest in your product/administration, as well as which of your locations is most receptive to a direct mail campaign. 


Unique Landing Pages 


Another way to measure results is to use your mail piece to carry your prospects to a landing page, and then offer something on the landing page that gets the person in question to provide their email address or other contact information to download or retrieve it. This gives you the best of both universes with regards to measuring your results: A speedy and easy-to-set-up way to carry the user to your website, stats on the quantity of individuals who visit, and detailed contact information for leads you can go out and convert. 


Provide a personalized URL 


As with promo code, PURLS (personalized URL) can be as explicit or broad as required, contingent upon how characterized you want your results to be. You can do this one of two ways: 


You can create a particular PURL for a landing page for each campaign, so prospective clients who want to get more information or make a purchase go to the landing page and are prompted to your call to action.


In case you're personalizing your direct mail campaign and you have to print pieces with variable fields anyway, you might as well create an individual PURL for each client. It can be as straightforward as generating PURLs finishing off with unique codes that relate to the marketing database, but that won't just give you the numbers that react but will tell you who the prospects that saw your website were. 


Use QR codes 

Utilizing QR (fast reaction) codes in your direct marketing, provides an immediate connection to the on the web and disconnected aspects your marketing campaign. For versatile users, these provide an instant method of getting prospects to your website, rather than either asking them to visit your site and select a particular page, or type in an extended (or complicated) URL. The user scans the code with a smart telephone and is taken immediately to the page in question. By and by, you can either have everybody gone to the same landing page and essentially count page impressions, or you can create personalized landing pages. 


Don't forget to Test 


This is one of the most important tips. As mailing lists tend to be large, try sending your mail piece out to a small test bunch first. With the correct call to actions in place, it will allow you to determine how well your promotion will perform. Doing a trial run will allow you the opportunity to refine your direct mail campaign saving you time, cash, and hassle! 


As technology is constantly changing, so should your marketing efforts. Lead generation and data collecting are valuable marketing tools. Why not integrate them with the tried and true technique of direct mail. Make your direct mail campaigns into data collecting machines. It will allow you to measure the effectiveness of your direct mail campaign, but also give you some insight into your prospects.