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The Top Three UX Trends Of 2019

Technology is evolving at a rapid pace, To keep up with the paradigm shift there is a need for the user experience industry to evolve.

The user experience is more important than ever and has become the driving factor of how consumers interact with web applications, mobile applications, and wearable devices.

For example, the wearable devices based on the Internet of things, voice-over devices like Alexa, Echo dot there is a drastic change in which the consumers are searching the web. In a similar fashion the consumer's interactions with these tech devices, applications have changed and ; If consumers do not find for the experience of what they are looking for they will go elsewhere. Hence there is a need for user experience adoption.

Let's take a peek at these top three UX trends of 2019 that are shaping the present and future.

1.Storytelling: Everybody remembers a good story, there is a scientific reason behind it.when a good story is heard or read then the human brain releases a hormone known as oxytocin. This hormone tends to increase the feelings like trust, compassion, and empathy that motivates humans to cultivate social behavior. ;

"You are never going to kill storytelling because it's built-in the human plan. We come with it. '' - Margaret Atwood.

The designer might use various techniques like user research in crafting personas, user scenarios, user journey maps to help teams understand the customer interaction but the vocabulary used to describe these might convey different meanings to different personnel and create gap, so through story is used to persuade, inspire, motivate, empathize and understand the problem being solved at hand.

Storytelling is not a mere technique used by designers to document users' problems but a powerful tool that helps various teams like designers, product managers, developers in understanding user's problems and this understanding drives successful solutions.

2. Voice Recognition Technology: The foray of technology advancement into voice recognition and devices like Amazon dot, Google Echo gaining popularity the design enthusiasts are quick to declare that there is a need to reinvent design principles and methods that are appropriate to the voice technology. But does the shift from visual to the auditory output means that design rules must be changed?

The people who are using haven't changed and gestalt or usability principles are more to do with human behavior and interaction than that of technology. ; A designer must continue to combine voice and graphical user interface for an immersive experience. The combination of these two can be transformative, it becomes much more than a human using the device.

3. AI Technology: Howare machine learning, chatbots, artificial technologies going to affect the design process? ;

User experience powered by artificial intelligence are being popped up, it won't take much time to be the new norm of the design revolution. AI systems have the ability to analyze large amounts of data quickly, learn and adapt their behavior in real-time. This system can infer from the context which the user will be supplying inform of questions, metadata, and various business rules.

As a designer works through each design phase to build a great user experience, the designer can constantly refine questions that will change the way this system analyses the data. Each time this designer feeds questions to the AI systems, they analyze the data and throw up the best possible answer which helps in making the designs better.

UX is not only necessarily about leveraging data insights to make an experience that users are expecting. AI connects the dots by infusing intelligence along with UX in enhancing the content reachability and findability.